Regulus Arcturus Black (lowestbough) wrote in the_burrowers,
Regulus Arcturus Black

RPG looking for a Gideon Prewett

I co-mod a great RPG called allinplaid and we're looking high and low for someone interested in playing Gideon Prewett. We have several Weasley family members including Molly, Arthur, and Fabian and Alice Prewett who are looking for a Gideon to come plot and play with them.

allinplaid is a highly active, well balanced, motived and friendly community going for a year strong and we're really hoping to find a Gideon. It is set in the Marauder Era, offers a fun and fresh action log format, and includes both Hogwarts students and the adults of the Wizarding world in equal parts as well as equal parts 'good' and 'evil' and plenty of grey in between.

If you're at all interested, come take a peek. Who knows, you might have been waiting you whole life to be dressed all in plaid.

Premise + Available Characters + Current Players + Rules + Application + Taken PBs + Friend Add

Any questions at all, contact Hannah at or leave a comment on this post. :)
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